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Audit and Attest Services

Q.1 Will I get audited? What happens if I do?

Ans.The I.R.S. will just ask for back-up documentation. That’s why you should be very organized and keep your documentation for deductions, retirement contributions, HSA distributions and anything else you claim around for several years, in case the I.R.S. asks for proof.

Yes, you can sometimes settle unpaid taxes for less than you owe. The two most common options are an offer in compromise or a partial payment installment agreement (PPIA). There are strict requirements for both programs, and you have to give the IRS detailed financial information to prove you meet the criteria

SAP Accounting

Q.1 What is SAP’s vision and mission?

In the digital era, data is the “new currency” in an enterprise. Businesses that are able to harness their data faster and more effectively will be the ones that succeed through disruption.

As the world’s largest enterprise software company, SAP offers perspective on the massive scale and power of data. Our customers have a vast amount of enterprise data assets flowing through our SAP ERP and cloud applications and business networks every day. Our enterprise resource planning applications touch 77% of global transaction revenue, we run the world’s largest business network with over US$2.9 trillion in commerce annually, and we have over 186 million users of our cloud applications.

SAP software and technologies can deliver deep value to our customers by providing the tools to harness the power of the data flowing through their systems. Our vision for the intelligent enterprise is an event-driven, real-time business powered by intelligent applications and platforms. In this vision, enterprise data sits at the core of a virtuous cycle whereby:

  • Enterprises will combine proprietary data assets from their internal systems of record with real-time, external data feeds to train intelligent algorithms.
  • Intelligent algorithms will be embedded into core business processes to enable enterprises to increase their awareness of events and respond in real time.
  • As the cycle repeats itself, enterprises will produce even richer datasets based on business outcomes that can be used to train the next generation of increasingly intelligent algorithms.

By embedding intelligence in core processes, businesses of all sizes will benefit from the automation of routine tasks and improved decision-making driven by advanced analytics.

Combining intelligent algorithms with empowered employees will allow companies to free up scarce resources to focus on what matters most – driving value for their customers. In this way, we can fulfill our promise of enabling our customers to Run Simple, while helping the world run better and improving people’s lives.


Q.1 Do I have to file taxes?

You are required to file federal and state income tax returns if your income is above a certain level. This amount varies depending on your filing status, age and the type of income you receive.

There are instances when you may want to file a tax return even though you are not required to do so. You may want to file to get money back if federal/state income taxes were withheld from your pay. Also you may qualify for an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), if you worked, but did not earn a lot of money. EITC is a refundable tax credit which means that you could quality for a tax refund.

If you are not sure if you are required to or should file, make an appointment and we will figure it out together. We will not charge you for the consultation.

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